Sonnet I: Antipodal Enchantment

I discovered sonnet-writing through an English class during my Sophomore year. This first one in my collection of sonnets relates a retelling of a past romance to the reverse changing of the seasons.

I've yet to feel the vernal refreshment
The mem'ries of it, how they flit around
The airy sensation, in it I drown
Primal encounter's such an amazement

What destruction is found in times that come forth
Thy distinct apparition halts my beat
Temp'rature drops to a cold winter-sweet
With the likeness of the blizzards of Pole's North

From its frozen cage locks me tight within
Carry me into thy palms of warm fall
As I hold by thy summer's enthrall
And be it to leave me where I have been

For triplets of moonrise have I traveled
Mystery, wherefore doth I loveth rebelled?

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