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Celestial Tapestry

Weaving words and thoughts against the backdrop of space

Against the backdrop of empty space, I draw connections between the heavenly bodies. The distance between each one span millions of years through our humble, human eyes, yet is only a breath in the universe's lifetime.

In between the vast spaces have planets and moons explode into life only to disintegrate into nothingness. Only memories, remnants.. possibly even mere musings such as this, serve as proof of their existence.

If we were to peer through the fabric of time, how would we see the universe? Will it be a jumbled mess of events happening simultaneously? Or a tessellation of intricate colors and transformations?

If I were to weave my existence on Earth onto the tapestry of space, which stars and galaxies would I intersect? Will I be able to string words and syllables into the pathways of each star?

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