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Berry-picking by the Glades

Along the path in which I traverse, with your love nestled inside my satchel, I notice several points which seem to be littered with more flowers and underbrush than the one before. The songs of the birds in each area have a different, if not, more heartfelt tune, and as supple and luscious are the fruits that hang from the trees. I find myself wandering longer, taking a deeper whiff of the continuously sweetening aroma around me, letting the air envelope me with a feeling so mystical, it is as if I can hear small bells ring wherever I go.

Who knows where the next one would lead to? Or what kinds of berries and wildlife flourish in each forest patch?

I will go on with my exploration until.. I find the one where the air carries your scent, the sun rays that illuminate the trees are the brightest of them all, the fruits taste of your lips, and the songbirds call out your name.

That is the time I drop my cloak and satchel, toss my shoes, throw myself on the grass, and stay here forever.

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